• Self-supporting tower, Slim, guyed, monopoles.
  • Camouflage (Flag Poles, Spectacular, Clocks, Sculptures, Front Extensions, Domes, etc.).
  • Green Camouflage (pine trees, palms)
  • Mast freestanding, counterweight braced.
  • Hardware supports for MW antennas, RF, Platform, Ice Bridges, special hardware.
  • Production capacity of 60.000 tons per year.
  • Latice Towers
  • Steel Erection in Remote Areas
Self supporting towers designed according to national and international standards in accordance to our client's requirements.
We are able to do Installation and service in remote or difficult to access. Our height record present for a self-Latticed tower is 102m and for a Guyed Tower 120m. The latter installed outside of Mexico in Guyana.