Telecomunications - Lighting Systems

    • Simple light
    • Beacon light
    • Double Lights

    Incandescent Certified
    by the DGAC

    This simple type of light has been placed in most towers, having very good results and excellent durability. Similar to the characteristics of Beacon, with power supply lower than ¾ ", connects easily to a vertical threaded conduit. With a 116 watt lamp inside and for easing maintenance with side snaps tight.
    Beacon Light 90 cm manufactured and distributed by Sisttemex, is approved as a light obstruction to air navigation, telecommunication towers, television, radio, microwave and transmission specified by the FFA. Features: Built with heavy duty aluminum hull, completely waterproof. It has a concave base for draining in the lowest point to prevent accumulation of moisture condensation. Has a central hinge to attach the lens frame between the top and bottom, for quick access to the source, with sealing system that prevents the entry of outside elements. This is designed to operate in all weather conditions, heat- resistant glass according to the relevant military standards and FFA. The optical system consists of two lenses that provide a defined beam of 360 ° horizontally. The two lamps Beacon 620 and 700 watts, provide proper lighting, uniform distribution of light beam.
    They have two aluminum bases for placing the lamps, like the simple clasps each with sealed sources of 116 watts. Sisttemex light controllers meet the standards set by the DRA.

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